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Jagbani is best punjabi newspaper in world. Jagbani Punjabi newspaper's printing was started in Jalandhar as named Jagbani. Daily Jagbani Punjabi Newspaper is number 1 Punjabi newspaper in the world. Jagbani Newspaper has a very strong visitor list online. All Punjabis living anywhere read Jagbani before reading any other newspaper. Jagbani Punjabi newspaper is famous all over the world including in USA, Dubai, UAE, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, UK,  and many other countries. Jagbani epaper has many jounrnlist all over the world. The website of Jagbani punjabi daily is jagbani.com. You can also read Jagbani News at jagbani.in. Read all favourite newspapers only on punjabi-newspapers.com and also read news about cars, mortgage, insurance, health, mobiles, laptops, LCD, DVD etc....

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Title  :  Jagbani Epaper (more info about jagbani)
Category:    World / Punjabi Newspapers/
Description:    Punjab news Online in Jabgani, Now read punjabi news in punjabi newspaper epaper edition in daily jagbani. News from India, punjab and all over the world in punjabi including political, sports, entertainment etc in jagbani
URL :   http://www.jagbani.in

Jagbani - Site Review: Jagbani is the part of Punjab Kesri Group. Jagbani is popular punjabi newspaper world wide. It has millions viewers online and offline. Hard copies are printed more than 3lakhs per day. Jagbani always publish spicy news in punjab or abroad. Many people don't allow this newspaper in their home because of hot pictures in newspaper, But they always want to see those pics in lonely place. They do this online on jagbani's website. In facebook comments you see there are many people abusing jagbani newspaper but If we ask them that if you don't like jagbani then what are you doing on jagbani post? If you don't like these type of spicy news then don't came to jagbani website or Jagbani Facebook. If we see the political thinking of Jagbani editor then you can see the Editor of Jagbani Newspaper is a congress sided man. Because you can see mostly news in favore of Congress Party. Jagbani always find funny or spicy news to attarct punjabi people. You can find news from Majha, Malwa and Doaba. It contain news about Life style, Desi Nuskhe, Bollywood, Gagget, Pollywood and Hukamnama from Darbar Sahib in online edition.